Get a MitID authenticator

Just like NemID, which has the NemID key card and the NemID app, you need a MitID authenticator to prove your identity. You need this for online shopping, online bank transactions or to check your taxes.

MitID is primarily an app for your smartphone and tablet. If you are not able or will not use the MitID app, you have the option of using the MitID code display or the MitID audio code reader.

Download MitID app

You can download and activate the MitID app in one setting. The MitID app is similar to the NemID app, so if you are familiar with the NemID app, it is easy to use the MitID app.
How to use MitID app

Order MitID code display, audio code reader or chip

After ordering, you can choose to have your MitID code display, audio code reader or chip sent to you by mail. Delivery time is up to 15 days. You can also choose to pick it up at Citizen Service. Be aware that some Citizen service centres requires you to book an appointment before you show up.

Find the nearest citizen service centre and book an appointment
See what ID to bring

How to use MitID