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Ordering and activating a new MitID authenticator

If you have a defect MitID authenticator and want it exchanged for a new, you might find the guide to ordering and activating a new MitID authenticator helpful.


Guide for ordering of a physical MitID authenticator:

  • On open 'Order physical authenticator'.
  • Press 'Order'
  • Select either 'Select code display', 'Select audio code reader' or 'Select chip'.
  • Select either:
    • 'I want to log on to MitID', if you have another MitID authenticator.
    • 'I want to enter CPR number and Danish or Greenlandic pasport number' if you don't have another active MitID authenticator.
  • Note: If you select 'I don't wish to identify myself', you will be unable to exchange your defective MitID authenticator.  
  • When you have received a replacement authenticator, select 'Reason for ordering' and then select 'Broken'.
  • In the section 'Description of defect', write what happens when you try to use your defective MitID authenticator.
  • Select 'Continue'.
  • On 'Delevery', select to have the item delivered by mail or to pick it up at a Citizen Service Centre.
  • If you choose to have it delivered by mail, you can select to have it sendt to your official permanant address or to another address. 
  • Select 'Continue'.
  • Enter an e-mail address, if you want a receipt. It is not required to enter an e-mail address. 
  • Select 'Continue'.
  • Read the terms and conditions by selecting the link to open the document. 
  • Check the box 'I accept Terms and Conditions',i f you agree, and select 'Confirm'.
  • The page 'Receipt' will display your order number and whether an e-mail has been sendt, should you have chosen this option.
  • Have you choosen not to get an e-mail receipt, then we recommend that you print out this page or save it on your device.
  • If you have chosen to collect the device at a citizen service centre, you cando so the service centre you find most covenient. Remember to bring the order number and valid picture ID.
  • If you have the device delivered by mail expect 8 work days delivery time. If you live abroad expect a two weeks or longer delivery time.

Once you have your new MitID authenticator, you are read to activate it.


Guide to activating your new MitID authenticator. You can follow two processes to do so.

Proces 1. Under the condition that you can log in to using another active authenticator, like the MitID app, then log in to and follow the steps:

  • On your Profile page in the section 'Authenticators' select 'See'.
  • Select to 'Block' the broken MitID authenticator. 
  • Then select 'Add' for the type of authenticator you have received. 
    The type of authenticator will be displayed with the access code.
  • Follow the guide on the page to add your new MitID authenticator.

Process 2. If you cannot log in to, then you must visit a citizen service centre. Before you visit the centre, it is a good idea to have prepared the following:

  • Bring valid picture ID.
  • Be prepared to answer control questions or bring a witnesser. The witnesser must have a CPR-number, bring own authenticator that must have been active for more than 30 days, and a valid Danish or Greenlandic pasport or driver license.
  • While ordering, if you have chosen to pick up your new MitID authenticator at a citizen service centre, please remember your order number and valid picture ID. 
  • Ask the centre to block your defective authenticator.
  • The centre must give you the activation code to your new MitID authenticator. 
  • Once you have your new MitID authenticator and your activation code, go to This is where you start the activation:
    • Select ’Activate MitID with an activation code’.
    • Enter uour user-ID and select ’Next'.
    • Enter the activation code and select 'Next'.
    • Follow the guide.

Your MitID authenticator is ready for use.