I suspect that my authenticator has been abused

If you suspect that your MitID authenticator is being abused, you need to investigate your suspicion.

MitID is personal and no one else are allowed to know your password or your user ID. If anybody else becomes familiar with your user ID or password, they can steal your identity by pretending to be you.

Your MitID authenticator, like the MitID app, provides you with extra security. Even if a person steals your user ID and your password, the person cannot control your MitID without also having access to your MitID authenticator. You need to protect your MitID authenticator with the same carefulness and eagerness as you protect your house keys.

This is how you do

If you suspect that your MitID authentcator has been compromised, you need to investigate whether your suspecion is correct.

This is how you find out whether someone else is using your MitID:

  1. Log on MitID.dk.
  2. Find the list 'Latest activities' on your profile page.
  3. Click on ‘VIEW ALL ACTIVITY'.
  4. Check the list to see whether the list contains transactions that you have not completed.

If you find something suspicious – or if you just want to be safe – block the authenticator in question. You can block it yourself or you can contact MitID support, so they can do it for you.

How to block a MitID authenticator.

Contact MitID support.