Reactivate MitID app

If your MitID app is blocked, you need to use a temporary PIN code reactivate it. You will receive the temporary PIN code by sms from MitID support or your citizen service centre.

You need a temporary PIN code to reactive your MitID app. Your temporary PIN code is sent to you by SMS.

To get the PIN code, you need to contact MitID support, visit the Citizen Service or contact your bank, that is, if your bank is able to help you with MitID.

Please note that you must call (not write) MitID support  or your bank's support number to get at temporary PIN code. Calling is required because you must answer a set of quetions to confirm your identity. Remember to call - not write or use the contact form.

Contact MitID support.

Find the nearest Citizen Service Centre.

Get a temporary PIN code

Call MitID support

Call MitID support on +45 33 98 00 10 

Note that you must always call MitID support to get a temporary PIN code. The reason is that you must identify yourself through answering a few questions about your identity. Support is unable to answer inquiries about temporary PIN codes in writing.

Get a temporary PIN code from your citizen service centre 

When you get your temporary PIN code from your citizen service centre, you need to identify yourself. Remember to bring valid documentation and to book a time for the meeting.

Når du møder op i borgerservice, skal du identificere dig. Husk derfor gyldig legitimation og at bestille tid hos borgerservice 

Find The closest citizen service centre and book a time

Read more about valid documentation