How do I get my user ID?

It is easy to choose and change your user ID.

When you get your MitID, you choose your user ID. You can choose to keep your existing NemID user ID, that is, if it adheres to the MitID requirements, or choose a new.

If you want to make changes to your user ID, you can only do so while you are logged on to

Read more about user ID here.

Get your MitID online

If you have NemID, it is easy to get MitID and choose your user ID online:

  • You can get it from your online bank.
  • You can get it from

When you establish your MitID, you create a user ID.

Select this link to get started with MitID.

Get your MitID from Citizen Service

You can get help from the Citizen Service to create your MitID.

Remember that you may be required to book a time. Also remember to bring valid picture ID.

Select this link to find your Citizen Service Centre.

Get your MitID with your passport

Use your passport and the MitID app to get MitID. The MitID app kan read the hidden chip in your passport and confirm your identity.

Select this link to get MitID with your passport.