MitID - for business

If you own your business or if you have the authority to sign for a business, as of now you can use your private NemID, e.g. to check company mail, report VAT and pay invoices. That solution, NemID private for business, becomes MitID private for business.

MitID private for business

You can use MitID private for business for everything you have used your private NemID for. For example, you can check the company's email, report VAT, or pay invoices.

You don't need to do anything out of the ordinary to get MitID private for business. It happens automatically, when you get your private MitID. 

Check on Virk that you can use MitID private for business

Read more about MitID for business here (pdf)

MitID Business: The new business solution in 2022

If you have employees, who are purchasing or paying invoices on behalf of your business, you will still be using the NemID solution until the new MitID Business is available in 2022. 

MitID for business will make it easier to administer users, roles and rights. Businesses, associations and authorities will receive more information as MitID Business is ready.

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