Broker certification

As a MitID broker, you must contribute to the overall level of security in the MitID infrastructure and therefore comply with and be certified in accordance with the broker code and UX scheme.

The Broker Code consists of a basic certification and certification of compliance with security requirements.

Brokers must also comply with requirements specified in the UX scheme.

Basic certification

The basic certification must ensure that the broker's company complies with a number of requirements for information security management.



Certification of compliance with safety requirements and requirements in the UX scheme

After the implementation of the basic certification, and when the Broker has developed its solution, the Broker must be certified in relation to the Security Requirements and the requirements in the UX Scheme, before commissioning the Broker's solution. The scope of the certification in relation to compliance with safety requirements and the UX scheme depends on the chosen application model(s).


Re-certification requirements

Once the Broker is certified, the Broker only needs to be re-certified in the event of changes in the Broker's solution that affect the security of the solution.

Changes made by the Supplier may also require re-certification in accordance with compliance with safety requirements and the UX Scheme.

In the event of changes to the Broker's solution, the Broker must notify the Supplier before commissioning. Also applicable to the Supplier, we ensure that the Broker receives a reasonable notice to carry out the re-certification. The broker must bear the costs of the re-certification.