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Cookie policy for

This cookie policy describes which cookies are collected when you visit and use the website and the use of these cookies.

The MitID cookie policy also explains what rights you have as a user of this website.

The website is provided and owned by:

Agency for Digital Government
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Contact information for our Data Protection Officer (DPO):

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on an end user's computer, smartphone or other IT equipment. A cookie is designed to collect a limited amount of information related to a user and a website and can be accessed either through a web server or through the user's computer.

Cookies allow the server hosting the website to target the website to a user. The website may contain scripts that record the content of the data files, making it possible to transport information from one visit to a website (or associated page) to the next.

Cookies can be either session or persistent cookies

  • Session cookies are temporary cookies that disappear when the browser session ends, i.e., when a user closes their browser. The website collects session cookies in connection with your visit to the website.

  • Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer or other IT equipment after the end of the browser session for a fixed period. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a while, but they can also be blocked or deleted manually by the user. The website also collects persistent cookies in connection with your visit to the website.

Cookies can be either 1st party cookies or 3rd party cookies.

1st party cookies are collected directly on the website visited by a user.

3rd party cookies are collected, when a user uses a link or similar on a website that directs the user to content prepared by a third party, whereby 3rd party cookies are placed on the user's computer or other IT equipment.

Which cookies are collected on the website? only collects 1st party cookies controlled by the website and categorized as necessary cookies.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are essential for the functionality of the website. These cookies are necessary for security and functionality purposes. Necessary cookies are stored to ensure full functionality of the website and may be stored on the device beyond the duration of the session.

Preference cookies

Preference cookies allow a website to remember information that changes the way the website looks or behaves, e.g., your preferred language.

Option to avoid or delete cookies

You have the option of deleting cookies from the website by blocking the use of cookies in your preferred browser.

However, as a user of the website, you are advised that by deleting or blocking necessary cookies collected on the website, you risk that the website is not fully functional, as the cookies collected on the website are limited to include necessary cookies for security and functionality purposes.

Deleting or blocking cookies in your preferred browser

You have the option to choose in your preferred browser which cookies you want to delete or block the use of. The instructions on how to delete or block cookies depend on which browser is your

preferred browser. If you use multiple browsers, you will need to delete or block the selected cookies in each browser or choose to block cookies.

If you wish to delete cookies that are already stored on your computer or other IT equipment, you must select these cookies in your preferred browser.

Below you will find examples of instructions for deleting or blocking cookies from browser providers via the links below.

The instructions have been prepared by the listed browser providers and are hosted and owned by these browser providers, including in relation to the possible placement of third-party cookies when visiting via these links:

Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome

Hosting of the MitID website

The website is hosted by a European data center.

Processing of personal data

Some of the information processed when collecting cookies is also personally identifiable. You can read more about how the Danish Agency for Digitization takes care of your personal data in the MitID privacy policy.