Brokers contribute to the strength and security of the MitID solution

The indtroduction of MitID signals a stronger technical solution partly through the introduction of brokers, as an mediary between the service providers and the MitID solution.

Brokers are the core of the MitID solution, since they are the mediary between the service providers and the MitID solution, allowing the service providers to get their users authenticated. Service providers could be your bank, your pension provider, or a public authority - or other providers that make use of MitID.

As a consequence, only a limited number of brokers are certified, and only this group of certified brokers can access the MitID solution. This fact alone enhances the security dimension of MitID.

As an end-user of MitID, this is nice to know but will not make any difference to you in your daily use.

For brokers, potentiel brokers and service providers

More information is available for Brokers, potential brokers and service providers from the Broker Portal (opens a new tab).