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Get started with MitID

There are different ways to get MitID. For all of them to apply, you must confirm your identity – so no one can pretend to be you. You must also decide how to use MitID, e.g. with the MitID app or the MitID code display.

Copy your MitID app to another phone/tablet

If you already have a MitID app and want to copy it to another phone or tablet, you can do so by scanning a QR code from your existing MitID app. With this feature, you can easily and quickly activate a new MitID app, for example, if you get a new phone or tablet.

Copy MitID app to another phone/tablet

Get MitID with passport

Use your passport and the MitID app to get MitID. The MitID app kan read the hidden chip in your passport  and confirm your identity. This is an alternative to show in person in a Cititzen Service Centre.

Get MitID with passport

Get MitID in a Citizen Service Center

Get MitID at a Citizen Service Center, e.g. if you do not have a mobile phone. You must present yourself in person.

Don't forget to book an appointment and to bring valid documentation

Find Citizen Service Center and book appointment

Help others with MitID

Even though support is offered by both MitID and your bank, it is sometimes nice to get support from someone you know and trust - you just need to be aware of what is allowed and what is not allowed. Remember that MitID is personal and private - absolutely. If you ask for support from someone you trust and know, it is a good idea to show them this page, so they become familiar with the restrictions.

How to help others with MitID

How to use MitID

MitID is first and foremost an app to be used with your smartphone or tablet. If the app is not a good fit for you, then you can use an alternative: code reader, audio code reader or chip.

How to use MitID app and alternatives

Have a MitID as a backup

It is a good idea to have a spare MitID as a backup. This way you can still use MitID if, e.g you lose your phone or tablet with the app on it.

You can have the MitID app on both your phone and tablet.

Have a spare MitID