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MitID Erhverv for companies and associations

When you, on behalf of your company or association, need to access Digital Post, apply for maternity leave reimbursement, or log in to other public self-service solutions, you must have MitID Erhverv.

With MitID Erhverv, the company or association can create users and grant them access to public self-service solutions such as reading Digital Post, applying for maternity leave reimbursement, and digitally signing on behalf of the company or association.

Do you need MitID Erhverv?

Be aware that if you, as the owner, can represent your company alone, you do not need MitID Erhverv for yourself. The same applies if you need to represent an association where you are registered as the association's representative in CVR (Central Business Register). In this case, you can choose to use your personal MitID directly. You simply choose to log in as a management representative instead of logging in as a private individual.

Check whether your business or association needs MitID Erhverv

Register a representative for an association on

How to get MitID Erhverv

On you can learn how to get MitID Erhverv for your company or association. Read more on, where you also can find support and guidance.

Find more information about support and guidance in MitID Erhverv at

Business online banking

If you are experiencing issues logging into your business online banking, please contact your bank.

For more information, visit your bank's website or reach out to the support services at your own bank if you need further assistance.

Find a complete list of banks and their MitID support contact details