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RA's enroll and assist with MitID

RA is short for Registration Authority. They help end-users get enrolled in MitID solution. RA's can assist you with other types of registration, for instance, if you need to activate a new code reader or if your MitID needs to be reactivated.

RA's can perform more tasks in the context of MitID than supporters are able to do. However, RA's will try to answer any questions, you might have, in regard to MitID.

RA's can be your local citizen service centre or your bank. They will assist you with MitID.

If you represent an RA authority as an employee and have lost your login to the RA-portal, then you can send a mail to the The RA-support is limited to answering questions from RA authorities and does not support normal MitID users.

Shortcut to RA

Continue to the RA Portal (opens in a new tab)