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MitID gets an extra anti-fraud mechanism

Now, the security is further enhanced by introducing a so-called integrity check, which prevents users from installing fake versions of the MitID app and thus reduces the risk of fraud.

The options for downloading apps to iPhone and Android phones are increasing. For example, Apple and Google have now opened up to alternative app stores.

This also means that scammers might try to trick users into installing a fake version of the MitID app to steal personal information.

Therefore, an integrity check is now being introduced to ensure that the MitID app is downloaded from the certificed Google Play or Apple App Store, and to check whether Google or Apple consider the phone the app is running on to be compromised or not. This is happening even though there are no known cases of fraud with fake MitID apps.

As a MitID user, this new security layer will not have a practical impact on your use of the app. You do not need to do anything, as the integrity check occurs automatically when a newly downloaded MitID app is activated on a smartphone or tablet.

In the MitID partnership, we have a constant focus on how we can maintain and improve the security of MitID. In this regard, it is important to be aware of potential threats and new risks. Therefore, we have, among other actions, been in good dialogue with skilled experts and researchers from the IT University about fraud possibilities and improvement potentials in MitID's security. We are grateful for the valuable input we have received along the way and are pleased that we can now further enhance the security by introducing an integrity check for MitID. MitID users should always feel safe installing and using the MitID app, says Deputy Director of The Agency for Digital Government, Adam Lebech.

The integrity check was activated on June 12.