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New MitID update further strengthens security and gives users better self-service options

From today, it will be possible to block your entire MitID on if you suspect misuse, for example. Users can also change their mobile phone number directly in the app, and it is now easier for citizens with national letters in their passport/ID card without a CPR number (especially foreign passports/ID cards) to get and activate MitID.

Today, an update to MitID is released, which contains a number of changes for MitID users. Among other things, it will be possible to quickly and easily block your entire MitID temporarily at The new functionality will make it easier for users who have experienced fraud or attempted fraud to block their MitID and thereby protect themselves against misuse.

There will also be an update to the MitID app, which makes it possible to change the mobile phone number associated with MitID directly in the MitID app. The mobile number is used, among other things, in connection with important notifications from MitID and for activating a new app. Therefore, it is important that the mobile number associated with MitID is updated, which can now easily be done directly via the app.

With the update, it is now also possible for users with national characters (e.g. "ø" or "ö") in their name to use passport scanning to create MitID. Among other things, this will make it easier to create MitID if you live abroad and need MitID, but do not have a valid Danish passport.

The QR code, which was introduced in June 2023, will also be updated so that it becomes more dynamic. This further strengthens the security of the solution.