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New update makes it easier to activate the MitID app

Today, an update for MitID is released, which among other things introduces a new and easier way to activate a MitID app. There are also several other improvements in the MitID app and on

New way to activate MitID app

Have you gotten a new phone, or do you want the MitID app on an additional phone or tablet as a backup? Then you no longer have to deal with activation codes and scanning passports. From today, MitID users can easily copy and activate a new MitID app from one phone or tablet to another phone or tablet simply by scanning a QR code.

Until now, users who wanted to activate a new MitID app had to scan their passport and/or use an activation code received in the app or in the self-service solution on Now users only need to scan a QR code displayed in their existing MitID app to copy the MitID app to a new device. Copying the app in this way is not only easier but also more secure because scanning the QR code requires the phones to be physically in the same location.

With the new update, the use of MitID activation codes is phased out. This is done to reduce the risk of fraud, where an end user is tricked by a criminal into disclosing their activation code, allowing the criminal to create a new MitID app and gain full control over the end user's MitID.


When you, as a user of MitID, wish to activate a new MitID app, you can now do so in the following ways:

  • Using the new 'Copy MitID app' function. Here, you can use an existing MitID app to activate a new MitID app
  • By scanning passport and face in the MitID app
  • By physically visiting the Citizen Service

Other improvements to MitID

The new MitID update also includes several other improvements to the MitID app. For example, user-friendliness has been enhanced with a more visible burger menu and more user-friendly descriptions in the app. Additionally, users will now feel a slight vibration when they successfully scan a QR code with the MitID app. This is especially useful for visually impaired individuals who may have difficulty determining if they have scanned the QR code correctly. Furthermore, the first part of the MitID app is now translated into Greenlandic, and a language selection feature has been added to the app, allowing users to choose between Danish, English, and Greenlandic. and the self-service on have also been improved. From today, MitID users will be able to find more information about their MitID app, code display, audio code reader or chip in the self-service on Here, they can see when their MitID app, code display, audio code reader or chip was created, as well as when it was last used. This is particularly relevant for users who suspect misuse of their MitID. The language settings on are also being improved. It will be easier to select a language on the site, and will remember the chosen language for subsequent visits to the site.