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Old version of the MitID app will soon be phased out

On May 28, 2024, an old version of the MitID app will be shut down, as it does not include all the security improvements introduced in later app versions.

The vast majority of MitID users already use the latest version of the MitID app with the most recent security measures, bug fixes, and features and will not be affected by the phase out.

However, a few MitID users currently use MitID on devices so old that they can no longer install the latest software updates for Android or iOS. This means they cannot update to a newer version of the MitID app. Failure to update your phone/tablet and the MitID app makes you more vulnerable to hacking and fraud. Therefore, from May 28, it will no longer be possible to use the MitID app on older phones/tablets.

To continue using MitID after May 28, affected users can order a free MitID code display or audio code reader at or at Citizen Service. Alternatively, they can install the MitID app on a newer phone or tablet. For iPhone, the MitID app can be installed on iPhone 6S and all models released after that, which correspond to iOS 15 and later. For Android, the MitID app works on Android 9 and later versions.

The affected users were all informed directly via Digital Post/physical mail back in March, and information was also provided here on at that time.