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The security is increased in the self-service on

Today, the security is further enhanced when a user needs to make changes to their MitID in the self-service on

Starting today, adjustments are made to the waiting time when users need to change personal information or activate a new MitID app, code display, code reader, or chip in the self-service on

Specifically, this means that if a user, for example, wants to activate a new MitID app or change their user ID via, they now have to wait 24 hours, whereas the waiting period previously was only one hour.

The waiting time is increased to reduce the risk of fraud, where users are lured by criminals over the phone and similar methods to log in to and thereby provide the criminal access to and control over the user's personal information and MitID.

It should be noted that the waiting time is only increased for changes made through the self-service on If the user, for example, activates a new MitID app via passport and facial scanning in the MitID app, there is no waiting time.