MitID is replacing NemID

Today, Denmark gets a new digital ID that can live up to the security demands of the future. NemID is a good and secure solution today, but MitID offers an even more secure solution for the future. The first NemID users will now be able to get MitID.

Today, an extensive reorganization of the digitalization of Denmark begins when the first NemID users are notified by Digital Post and through their bank that they can get MitID. You can use MitID for all the things you have been using NemID for, such as logging in to your online banking service or The introduction of MitID comes with security improvements that make it harder to misuse other people's digital identities. 

"With MitID, we are strengthening the digital Denmark thereby allowing our citizens to continue to use their Danish eID safely online. We now begin the transition to MitID, and over the coming months, more than five million citizens will be invited to start using the new MitID. We want this transition to be a secure experience for everyone. Therefore all NemID users will receive a letter by Digital Post with instructions on what to do and when to do it. Also, there will be thorough information and help available in the transition towards Denmark's new digital ID," says Adam Lebech, Deputy Director of the Danish Agency for Digitisation, which constitutes the partnership behind MitID together with Finance Denmark, an organization representing Danish banks. 

Throughout 2021 and 2022, MitID will replace NemID. All NemID users will be notified by their online or mobile bank when it is their turn to get MitID. Those who do not have online banking will be notified via Digital Post. 

MitID is developed in a unique partnership between the public sector and the banking sector, so you only need one digital ID, regardless of whether you log in to your bank or The Danish Agency for Digitisation represents the public sector, and Finans Danmark represents the banking sector as equal owners. 

"MitID is the largest public-private IT project to date, and getting all NemID users to adopt the new MitID is a huge task that we approach with humility. The transition will take some time, and there will be a period where we will all have to get accustomed to using MitID. Therefore, the banks are ready to help every user get off to a good start. We are proud to contribute to the digitalization of Denmark and to ensure that using one's digital ID online remains safe", says Michael Busk-Jepsen, Director of Digitization at Finance Denmark. 

With MitID, you can log in to your online bank and public self-service solutions such as, and In the coming months, many organizations and companies will be connected to MitID. Even though you are getting MitID, you need to keep NemID for now. This is because there will be a transitional period where specific platforms will still require you to use NemID until it has been completely phased out. You will be notified when you no longer need NemID, either by your bank or Digital Post. 

Safe to use - and help to get 

MitID is easy and safe to use, and emphasis is on ensuring a smooth transition to the new digital ID, regardless of the users' digital skills. The banks are ready to help their customers get off to a good start with MitID, just as a public MitID Support has been established. Finally, the Agency for Digitisation and Finance Denmark is launching a nationwide campaign this week to get everyone off to a good start with MitID. 

In the coming months, all NemID users will be notified directly via online banking, mobile banking or Digital Post when it is their turn to receive MitID. 


About MitID 

  • MitID is first and foremost an app for smartphones and tablets.  
  • You can use the MitID app in the same way you use the NemID code app today. With a swipe of your finger, you can approve actions with MitID on your smartphone or tablet. 
  • If you cannot use the MitID app, there are two other alternatives: MitID code display or MitID audio code reader. 
  • Throughout 2021 and 2022, MitID will replace NemID. All NemID users will be notified by their online or mobile bank when it is their turn to get MitID. Those who do not have online banking will be notified via Digital Post. 
  • As MitID places greater demands on security, some users need to update their ID information to get ready for MitID. You will be notified directly in Digital Post if and how to update your ID information in connection with the transition to MitID. 
  • Over the course of 2021 and 2022, MitID will replace NemID. The last NemID users will migrate from NemID to MitID no later than 30 June 2022. 
  • Even though you are getting MitID, you need to keep NemID for now. You will be notified directly when you no longer need NemID. 
  • NemID private for business becomes MitID private for business. This means that business owners and others with authority to sign documents on behalf of the company will be able to use their private MitID in the company as soon as they, as private individuals, have migrated to MitID. The same applies to association representatives. 
  • MitID is a personal digital ID. Therefore, one must take good care of it. Consequently, you should never share your codes or your MitID app, code viewer or code reader with anyone. You should never share your user ID - except with the MitID support, but only if you have contacted the support yourself. Finally, you must never approve an action with your MitID that you have not initiated yourself. 

MitID strengthens security 

With MitID comes a variety of security improvements that make it harder to misuse other people's digital identities: 

  • You will be notified via the MitID app, SMS or e-mail if critical events occur, e.g., if the MitID app is activated on a new device. You can also choose to be notified every time your personal MitID is used. 
  • With MitID, we will eventually say goodbye to the NemID code card, which can be copied and shared. 
  • MitID comes with high requirements as to how to document your identity when migrating to MitID. Thus, MitID lives up to the EU's new high requirements for identity security. 

Who is behind MitID? 

MitID is developed by the Danish Agency for Digitisation and Finance Denmark.