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Who can get a MitID?

You can get a MitID if you are above 13 years old and have the required identification to prove your identity.

The three most important conditions to get a MitID is:

  • Your identity has to be confirmed properly before you can get MitID.
  • You are not allowed to share MitID, your user ID and your codes with others.
  • You have to be able to use MitID securely and responsively.


You are not required to have a Danish CPR-number to get MitID. If you do not have a Danish CPR-number, you are advised to use a P code. Contact your bank if you need online or mobile banking access and do not have a CPR-number.

Credential requirements

When you get your MitID, you are set up at a so-called assurance level. Your assurance level and the MitID means of identification determine where you can log in and authorize with MitID. The requirements for identification depend on which assurance level you need.