This is how you log on or approve using MitID

You are required to use an authenticator, when you log on or approve using MitID.

MitID opens in a new browser window, when you log on or approve using MitID. In the upper part of the window, you can see, the action you are about to confirm. Enter your user ID and select ‘CONTINUE' .

Next you will be asked to confirm your identity using an authenticator. In some cases, you will be asked to confirm with a PIN-code, with biometrics, or with a password. The authenticator protects your identity, so others are not able to log on with your credentials. 

It is important that you remember never to log on or approve anything with MitID based on a phone call from somebody. There are criminals pretending to be from your bank, citizen services, etc. who will try to make you reveal personal information or log on.

Change authenticator

MitID remembers the authenticator, you used the last time you logged on or confirmed using MitID. If you have several authenticators, you can change between them, once you have entered your user ID. On the list over your active authenticators, you select the authenticator you want to use.