How to log on and authenticate with MitID app

The MitID app is an easy and secure way to log in and authenticate with MitID.

Most of us always have a mobile phone or tablet at hand - it makes it easy to log in and authenticate with the MitID app.

When you use a website where you have to log on or authenticate with MitID, you enter your user ID. You will then be asked to approve the action with the MitID app. Open your MitID app and swipe to approve. If your action requires extra security - for example when transferring money through online banking - you will also have to enter your PIN code or approve with facial recognition or fingerprint.

When several people in the same household use the same tablet, you can use the same MitID app, but you cannot use face recognition or fingerprints to approve. Then you need a PIN code.

Pay attention before swiping

When you swipe in the MitID app, it means that you perform the action that you are doing, such as approve the transfer of money. If the text in MitID app does not correspond to what you want to do, stop immediately.