How to log on and authenticate with MitID chip

MitID chip is for you who need to log on or approve with MitID many times every day, e.g in connection with your work.

  1. Go to the site, e.g where you want to log on
  2. Enter your user ID and your password
  3. Press the button ‘Start’
  4. Connect your MitID chip to your computer, tablet or smartphone with the USB cabel
  5. Approve with MitID by pressing the button on the MitID chip

Note: When you connect your MitID chip to your device, a message will appear from your operating system or browser asking for permission to authenticate with the MitID chip. You must give permission if you want to use the MitID chip.

Other ways to connect your MitID chip: 

  • Bluetooth:
    Connect (pair) your MitID chip to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Press the button on your MitID chip. For IOS please use contactless, since bluetooth does not work with the chip.
  • Contactless:
    MitID chip has a built-in NFC chip similar to contactless payment cards. Hold your MitID chip close to your device to authenticate. It requires that your computer, tablet or smartphone also has a built-in NFC chip.

Practical advice:

  • IOS only supports NFC, when connecting to the MitID chip - not Bluetooth. Therefore, all IOS users must use NFC to connect the MitID chip with their IOS unit.
  • As you connect the MitID chip with your IOS unit, please do not activate the chip's button. If you activate the chip's button, you will deactivate the NFC functionality.
  • As you connect the MitID chip with the IOS unit, it is best to place the chip on the upper halft of the units backside close to the unit. Should you have a cover on your IOS unit, please remove it temporaily, as it can block the connection.
  • For Bluetooth to work with Windows/Android, please remember to configure the connection prior to the activation/authentification.