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Power of attorney and MitID

You cannot a get power of attorney over another person's MitID. If you need to help someone, e.g. a dependent, complete transactions using MitID, or check health care information, you must get a power of attorney for that specific area. Once you have the power of attorney, you must log in with your own MitID to act on behalf of the other person.

You cannot get MitID for someone else

You are not allowed to get MitID for another person and you cannot get a power of attorney over another person's MitID.

Persons unable to get MitID on their own must get MitID from Citizen Service. If a person is unable to use self-service solutions, e.g. to log in to self-service solutions and approve transactions, then that person does not require MitID.

If a person can get MitID on their own and just need a little help along the way, you can read more about what you are allowed to assist with here

Always use your own MitID

Once you have a power of attorney to act for someone else, you must always use your own MitID. When you log in with your own MitID, you will get the possibility to select the person, who has given you the power of attorney in the specific self-service solution. MitID is personal and never to be shared with someone else.

Access to public self-service solutions

If you need to help a relative with public self-service, you must obtain a power of attorney from the person you are helping. You can do that with Digital Power of Attorney. Digital Power of Attorney is a self-service solution where the person who assists a relative can request a power of attorney for the relative for one or more public self-services.

Anyone who needs help can give a power of attorney via Digital Power of Attorney to a relative. A Digital Power of Attorney allows one to see the person's health journal and laboratory answers at or report a move at

Not all authorities have chosen to offer proxies via the Digital Power of Attorney solution available at Therefore, you should always investigate further how the relevant authority handles proxies.

There are situations where a person cannot provide a Digital Power of Attorney. In that case, the person can contact the municipality's Citizen Service for guidance on creating and using a Digital Power of Attorney for different digital self-services.

Access to banks

To get access to a dependent's bank account, e.g. online bank, you need to contact the bank for more information.