Be aware of false mails and SMSes

False mails and SMS are the two most common methods for online fraud.

Remember: It is unthinkable for any public authority or legitimate private company to ask for your MitID using email or SMS.

Criminals will often use emails or SMS to fish (phishing) information from you because it is cheap, and they can contact a lot of potential victims in a short period of time.

False mails and SMS share certain characteristics that you should be aware of:

  • They always provide a link that you are encouraged to click on.
  • They always create a sense of urgency – you need to do it now.
  • They want you to feel that you take a risk, should you not follow their advice.
  • They are often written using a poor or error prone Danish (but not always).

False emails or SMSes are becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish from legitimate emails or SMSes. At the same time, the websites, the false emails and SMSes link to, are also becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from legitimate websites. Therefore, you must be alert and on guard, when you open and read emails and SMSes.