Help others get MitID with a foreign passport/ID card

Do you know someone, or for example have a relative, who cannot scan their passport/ID card themselves with their phone? Then you can use your phone.

Guide to help someone you know get MitID with foreign passport/ID card

  1. Open (or download) the MitID app on the phone you want to scan the passport with. Read more about the technical requirements to the phone on 
      • Press the icon in the top left corner of the MitID app.
      • Press Get MitID using passport to get started - and accept the terms and conditions and read the privacy policy. 
  2. Perhaps get a P code. If the person you are helping does not have a Danish CPR number, the person must have a P-code. It is an 8-digit code that the person must use to confirm his or her identity. See here how you get a P-code
  3. Go through the steps to confirm the identity of the person you are helping. You do this with the P-code or CPR-number – and by scanning the code in the passport/ID card, reading the hidden chip and scanning the person's face. 
  4. Look away while the person you are helping comes up with and enters a user ID. You must not know the person's user ID. The user ID must be easy for the person to remember, but difficult for others to guess.  
  5. Now choose how the person will use MitID. The person can choose: 

You can choose both options under ’Other options’.  

  • Press Select app on the screen 'What do you want to order/activate?' 
  • Press Get an activation code on the 'Activate MitID app on another phone/tablet' screen. 
  • Look away while the person you are helping now sees his or her user ID and an activation code on your phone. The person will need both in a minute.  
  • Now get the person you are helping to write down the activation code and then press the X at the top right of your phone to remove the information about the person's user ID and activation code. Nothing is saved on your phone. 
  • Take out the other phone/tablet on which you want to activate the MitID app. 
  • Download the MitID app for the other phone/tablet - and follow the instructions Activate MitID app with activation code. 

  • Press Select code display on the screen 'What do you want to order/activate?' 
  • On the next screen, you will now be asked if the person already has a code display. Press No, order code display. You should only press Yes, activate code display when the code display has arrived by post and needs to be activated. 
  • Press the button Order on on the 'Order code display’ screen. Please note that you are now taken to the website to complete the order. 
  • Follow the steps on to complete the order.