MitID password

It is important that you choose a good and safe password.

As you log on or approve using MitID, you will be asked to use your password.

Password rules

When you choose or change your MitID password, you are able to see the how strong your password is. We recommend that you always select a strong password.

Read about how to create a secure password here.

Your MitID password must adhere to the following rules:

  • Must have at least 8 but not more that 64 symbols.
  • Must not contain your user-ID.
  • Must not contain 10 digits, i.e. your CPR-number.
  • Must not contain words like password or the Danish equivalent.
  • Must not contain the most common keyboard rows like qwertyui, asdfghjk og abc12345.

Change password

You can change your password on your profile page on

Read about how to change your password.

Blocked password

If your password is blocked, you need to obtain an activation code before you can create a new password.

Click here if your password is blocked and you want to create a new password.