MitID profile

Your MitID profile gathers and displays all your information in a manageable way.

When you're logged on to, you can see all your information. You can also update your information, if you have a new e-mail, address, phone number, etc.

The section 'Contact information and notifications' provides an overview of your contact information and how we can contact you. The section provides the following information:

Name Your name
CPR number Your CPR number
Address Your registered address
Email This is the email that MitID can notify when needed. You have not provided an email, if field is empty.
Mobile number The mobile number MitID can notify when needed. You have not provided a phone number, if field is empty.
Notifications A list of the ways that you have chosen that MitID can notify you.
Language The language you want MitID to use when contacting you. You can choose between Danish or English.
Privacy setting Whether the list of activities shows the names of the pages and services you have used.
ID Your unique ID.

If you want to change your settings or change the ways MitID is allowed to contact you, select 'VIEW AND EDIT'.

Use this to order a GDPR report. The report will show you all the data about you that we have stored. Select 'GENERATE REPORT' to get the report .

The field 'User ID' shows your current user ID for MitID. If you want to change your current user ID, use 'EDIT USER ID'.

If you want to change your password, select 'EDIT PASSWORD'.

Here you can see your authenticators, like MitID app or MitID code display. You can block and reopen your authenticators from here.

Your current MitID actvites are listed here. It is easy to get an overview of the activities you have logged on to and approved using MitID. If you select 'VIEW ALL ACTIVITY, you will se a complete list of all your MitID activities. This list allows you to search for specific activities.

Notice that the column 'Service provider' is only filled in if you have selected 'Show service provider in activities' under Contact information and notifications.

As a security measure to protect your information, you need to request access to change your vital personal data.

It takes an hour from your submit your request to access is provided. You will be notified, when you have access to change your data.

Your access is available for 24 hours after you have been notified, and you will be able to change vital data like your user ID, phonenumber, email, notifications and access code. You are also able to add new authenticators.

This is the process you need to follow:

  1. Log into your MitiID profile and select the changes you want to implement (e.g. change your email).  When you choose to change vital personal data, you must request for access to do so. Thus select the 'Request' button, and you will automatically be logged out. You now need to wait an hour.
  2. If you attempt to log on before time, you will get the message that your access to change vital information is not ready and the minuttes still remaining before you get access.
  3. Once an hour has passed, since you submitted your request, you have 24 hours to change the information in your profile. Login to your MitID profile again to change your information.
  4. Once logged in you will have access to change information, e.g. select edit email or edit phone number to make and save changes.
  5. In the overview section over authenticators (e.g. app and code display), you can add additional authenticators to your MitID profile. Use the button 'Add authenticator' and follow the instructions.
  6. When the 24 hours period expires, you will be logged out from making additional changes and must request access again to continue.