MitID user ID

Your MitID user ID is your digital identity when you log on or approve using MitID.

You create your user ID, when you get your MitID. You can change yor user ID anytime on Your user ID is personal and unique - two people cannot have the same user ID. A strong user ID is a user ID that is difficult to guess and easy to remember - through the use special characters and numbers.

Forgot your user ID?

Forgot your user ID?

If you forget your user ID, you can get it by: 

  • open menu item View user ID in the MitID app
  • get it from your Citizen Service Centre
  • contact MitID Support 
Read more about how to find your user ID
Change user ID

Change user ID

If you want to change your user ID, you can do it by: 

  • open menu item Change user ID in the MitID app
  • log in to your profile on  
  • arrange a physical meeting at your Citizen Service Centre
Change user ID

A strong user ID is constructed by words you can remember and words that is secure. Below you can see examples of user IDs that memorable and not easy to guess:

  • stine!always!happy:o)
  • peter78fromlondon
  • johnsnew#id

Whether you use upper or lower case does not make a difference.

A user ID must comply with the following requirements to be approved:

  • Must be made up by 5-48 symbols.
  • Must be made up of the following symbols (You can include same symbol several times): abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzæøå0123456789{}!#$ ^,*()_+-=:;?.@ and spacebar.
  • Must not be identical to your CPR number or be made up by 10 numbers.
  • Must not start or end with spacebar.
  • Must not in use by another MitID user.

Remember that your user ID is not the same as your password.