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What are assurance levels

MitID provides three assurance levels: Low, Substantial, and High.

When you get your MitID, you will automatically get an assurance level. Your assurance level and your MitID authenticator determine what you can log on to and approve using MitID.

Most MitID users will require the assurance level “substantial”. This level is needed if you are using public self-service solutions, like or or if you are doing online banking or insurance.

The assurance levels mirror’s the need to have your identity confirmed with great certainty. This is also why there are different requirements to how you log on:

Low – Some digital services require only that you use your MitID user ID together with one other way to confirm your identity, like password.

Substantial – Most digital services require that you confirm your identity using to different ways, like the MitID app, PIN-code or password.

High – A few digital self-service solutions require a high assurance level. At this level you are required to use at least two authenticators. The two authenticators are required to be extra secure against copying and manipulation. The assurance level High is available in selected municipalities. The MitID Support can inform you at which municipalities the assurance level High is available.

Read more about the documentation requirements for the different assurance levels

How to raise your assurance level