Non-citizens in Denmark

You can get MitID as a non-citizen in Denmark – if you need access to digital self-service solutions in Denmark.

There are various ways in which you can get MitID. For all of them to apply, you must confirm your identity – so no one can pretend to be you. 

  • Get MitID with a passport/ID card
    Get MitID with your foreign passport or ID card. All it takes is a valid passport/ID card and a phone that can scan your passport/ID card.
  • Get MitID in a Cititzen Service Centre
    You can get MitID at a Citizen Service Centre, e.g. if you do not have a mobile phone that can scan your passport/ID card. Book an appointment at a Citizen Service Centre and show up with valid documentation and answer a number of questions about yourself (based on data from the CPR Register) or bring a witnesser, who can confirm who you are.

If you don’t have a CPR number

If you do not have a CPR number, you must use a P code instead. A P code is an 8 digit code that you enter in the MitID app instead of the CPR number, if you use your passport/ID card to create or change a MitID.

If you previously have lived in Denmark

Do you no longer live in Denmark – and do you not need to log on to self-service solutions in Denmark? Then you do not need MitID.