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Non-citizens in Denmark

You can get MitID as a non-citizen in Denmark – if you need access to digital self-service solutions in Denmark.

There are various ways in which you can get MitID. For all of them to apply, you must confirm your identity – so no one can pretend to be you. 

  • Get MitID with a passport/ID card
    Get MitID with your foreign passport or ID card. All it takes is a valid passport/ID card and a phone that can scan your passport/ID card.
  • Get MitID in a Cititzen Service Centre
    You can get MitID at a Citizen Service Centre, e.g. if you do not have a mobile phone that can scan your passport/ID card. Book an appointment at a Citizen Service Centre and show up with valid documentation and answer a number of questions about yourself (based on data from the CPR Register) or bring a witnesser, who can confirm who you are.

Are you a foreigner or living outside of Denmark, we recommend that you always bring a witness to Citizen Service, as there might not be enough information about you in the CPR register.

If you want to use MitID Erhverv, where you act digitally on behalf of a Danish organization, you can read more at

If you don’t have a CPR number

If you do not have a CPR number, you must use a P code instead. A P code is an 8 digit code that you enter in the MitID app instead of the CPR number, if you use your passport/ID card to create or change a MitID. Please pay attention to that most self-service solutions currently require a CPR number. It's not possible to access these self-service soultions with a MitID created with a P code.

If you previously have lived in Denmark

Do you no longer live in Denmark – and do you not need to log on to self-service solutions in Denmark? Then you do not need MitID.