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What does it cost to get MitID?

To use MitID, you must choose between the MitID app, the MitID code display, the MitID audio code reader or the MitID chip.

The MitID app is free and so are the first three MitID code displays and audio code readers. The battery in the code displays and autio code readers are estimated to last 10 years (normal use).

The MitID codedisplay and MitID audio code reader

You can only have one active MitID code display or audio code reader at a time. Therefore, it is not possible to have an order an extra code display as backup. You cannot order an additional code display or audio code reader (both free until you have received 3) the moment  you loose the active one. 

MitID chip 

If you are in a work situation, where you are using MitID several times a day, you might consider bying a MitID chip. You cannot buy a MitID chip, until you have activated your MitID using another device, e.g. the MitID app.

Do not share with others

The MitID code display. audio code reader or chip are yours, and you are not allowed to share them with anyone else.

More information 

Get started with MitID code display, audio code reader or chip

Terms and conditions for usage and payment of MitID code display, MitID audio code reader and MitID chip


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MitID chip