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Update your devices

It is important that your computer, your smartphone or your tablet are updated, so you always have the newest versions of software or apps installed.

It is not uncommon for criminals to find and exploit a safety weakness in popular software or apps, like Adobe Reader or Java. They are also skilled at identifying and exploiting security weaknesses in system software like Windows, iOS and Android.

Once a safety problem has been identified, the software company, like Adobe or Microsoft, will publish updates that will remove the safety problem. Should you choose not to update your software or app, when an update is available and still use the old version, you take the risk that criminals will use the security hole in the old version to compromise your device and your MitID.

To continuously keep your software and apps updated on your devices, will reduce the risk of security problems and keeps your devices safe.

Update all software and apps

When your devices are updated using the latest system and other software, you are as secure as you can be. We recommend that you turn on ”automatic software updates” on all your devices, so you remove the risk of missing updates.

Some applications require that you manually accept an update. This could be that you manually select an update-button on your screen - remember to update when asked.

Delete applications

It is always a good idea to delete applications that you don’t use anymore. That way you don’t have to update them.

Antivirus and firewall

We recommend that you use antivirus protection with automated updates, a firewall and a antispyware application. With those three applications in place, your device is protected against most attacks and other hurtful applications.