Step 5 - Activate or order MitID

Guide for you helping someone else (who has a passport and an older phone)

Step 0 - See how you may help
Step 1 - Check phone and passport
Step 2 - Open your MitID app and open the app menu
Step 3 - Scan passport code, read chip and scan face
Step 4 - Create user ID
Step 5 - Activate or order MitID

Now you need to choose how the person you are helping wants to approve with MitID. The person can choose:

  • to get the MitID app on his or her own phone/tablet - see phone requirements
  • to order e.g., a MitID code display

You choose both under 'Other options'.

Remember that you are not allowed to see the other person's user ID or codes.

  1. Select Other options, and you will be able to activate a MitID app on the phone/tablet of the person you are helping
  2. Tap Select app on the 'What do you want to activate/order?' screen
  3. Tap Get an activation code on the 'Activate MitID app on another phone/tablet' screen

Look away while the person you are helping is now shown their user ID and an activation code on your phone. The person will need both in a moment.

  1. Now have the person you are helping write down the activation code and then press the tick in the top right corner of your phone to remove the information about the person's user ID and activation code. Nothing is saved on your phone, and you can safely continue using it as before
  2. Take out the other phone/tablet where you want to activate the MitID app
  3. Download the MitID app to the other phone/tablet
  4. Now follow the instructions Activate MitID app with activation code

  1. Select Other options if the person you are helping e.g. wants a MitID code display
  2. Tap Select code display on the 'What do you want to activate/order?' screen
  3. On the next screen, you are now asked if the person already has a code display. Tap No, order code display

You should only press Yes, activate code display when the person you are helping has received the code display in the post and needs to activate it.

  1. Press the Order on button on the 'Order code display' screen. Note that you will now be taken to the website to complete the order
  2. Follow the steps on to order the MitID code display
  3. Activate the MitID code display when the person you are helping receives it in the post. The provided letter will tell you how to do this

Note! Have a spare MitID

It is important to have a spare MitID to use as a backup. This way you can still use MitID if you lose your phone or tablet with the app on it – or you just forget to activate the app on a new phone before deleting the old one.

You can get a spare MitID by activating the app on another device or by ordering and activating a MitID code display.

Have a spare MitID