Have a spare MitID

It is a good idea to have a spare MitID as a backup. This way you can still use MitID if, for example you lose your phone or tablet with the app on it – or just forget to activate the app on a new phone before deleting the old one.

If you lose your phone with the MitID app on or your personal MitID code display, then you won’t be able to use MitID. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a spare MitID, as it can take time to get a new code display or activate a new app – and may even require going to a Citizen Service Centre.

It is also a good idea to have a spare MitID as a backup in case you get a new phone and forget to activate the new MitID app, before you have deleted the previous one. This would result in you not being able to use MitID. You can have up to three active MitID apps. 

Depending on how you currently use MitID, there are different ways to have a spare MitID as a backup. Read further to understand your options.

I already have the MitID app

If you have the MitID app, you have the following options for a spare MitID:

    • Another MitID app – on a tablet or an old phone
    • MitID code display
    • MitID audio code reader (for the visually impaired and blind)

I already have a MitID code display or audio code reader

If you have a MitID code display or audio code reader, then you have the following option for a spare MitID:

    • The MitID app

If you have a tablet – or maybe an old phone lying around at home in a cupboard – you can keep your spare MitID app on it. You will need an activation code to activate the app before you can use it.

You can get an activation code for at spare MitID app by:

  • scanning your passport/international ID card with your MitID app – and get an activation code displayed in the app
  • get an activation code with MitID. Read more: Get activation code with MitID

Alternatively, you can get an activation code at the Citizen Service Centre. Remember to book an appointment and bring valid documentation.

Scan your passport/internatonal ID card with your MitID app to get an activation code

  • Open your current MitID app and press the menu in the upper left corner.
  • Press Activate MitID
    Press Next on the page 'How will you proceed' – where 'Passport/ID card' is pre-selected
    Accept Terms and Conditions and read the Privacy Policy.
    Choose where your passport is from
    • enter a P-code – if you do not have a Danish CPR number
    • scan your passport/ID card in two ways and scan your face to confirm with your photo in your passport/ID card– just like at passport control at the airport.
  • Press Other options on the page 'How will you approve with MitID’'
  • Press Select app on the screen 'What do you want to activate/order?'
  • Press Get an activation code.
  • Write down the activation code that is now displayed along with your user ID.
  • Now download a new MitID app for your old phone or tablet - open the app and press the menu in the top left corner.
  • Press Activate MitID.
  • Select the option Activation code on the screen 'Choose how to proceed'.
  • Follow the instructions to activate the spare MitID app.

Even if you don't have a spare phone or tablet - or if you don't want to use the MitID app - you might still want to consider activating the MitID app. It can be a good solution if you, for example, lose your code display or audio code reader. It isn’t possible to have two code displays at the same time, just as you can't have a code display with an audio code reader.

Other options

  • Ask your employer if you can download the MitID app on your work phone
  • Does someone else in your household have the MitID app? If so, you can add yourself to their app (and vice versa). You still have your own user ID and PIN – that way you can keep your MitID profiles separate. You can do the same with a shared tablet. However, you can't then log in with fingerprint or facial recognition.

You can get a MitID code display as a spare if you have an active MitID app. It can only be activated with the MitID app. It is only possible to have one active code display at a time – and you can't keep an inactive code display as a spare.

If you lose your active MitID code display without having a MitID app, you will need to get help to activate a new one at a Citizen Service Centre. Find the nearest Citizen Service Center and book a time

The same applies to the MitID audio code reader, which is designed for the visually impaired and blind.

How to order a MitID code display
How to order a MitID audio code reader