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Get MitID with a passport

If you don't want to visit Citizen Service, you can get MitID from home – with the MitID app and your passport. On this page you can find a guide to how you get MitID with a Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese passport, and a guide to how you get MitID with a foreign passport/ID card.

Help another person to get MitID

If you know someone who needs a little extra help getting MitID, you can help the person from home - as an alternativ for the person to visit Citizen Service. The person you help must have a valid passport. You also need a phone that can scan the passport.

In the MitID app there is a passport functionality. This means that you can get MitID directly in the MitID app, if you also have a valid passport/international ID card to confirm your identity. At one and the same time, you can therefore confirm your identity (using the passport), create your user ID, and finally activate the MitID app. And it all takes place in the app. After this you are ready to use MitID. 

The functionality also makes it possible to help e.g. your relatives get a MitID via your phone. Hopefully, this will save some people a trip to Citizen Service when they need a MitID. No personal information is saved or stored on the phone used to scan the passport. And the person who is helped to get a MitID eventually gets the MitID app on his or her phone or can order and activate e.g. a MitID code display. 

It's an alternative to get MitID at Citizen Service.

You can use valid passports and ID cards with a chip.

In addition, you must have a phone that can scan passports and make sure that your phone is updated.

Read more about the technical requirements on

It is possible to get both the MitID app, code display, audio code reader and chip directly in the MitID app. You confirm who you are by scanning your passport and face in the MitID app - and then you can choose whether you want to get e.g., the MitID app or the code display.

If you already have MitID, it's a good idea to get a spare MitID app, so you can still use MitID if you e.g. lose your phone. You can also do this directly in the app.

Read more about how to get a spare MitID

You can use your phone to help e.g. a relative to get a MitID, as long as it can scan the person's passport/ID card (read more under 'What are the requirements for a passport and phone'). All information is processed encrypted, and the MitID app does not store data read from the passport/ID card or from the face scan. The technology behind the face comparison is the same as is known from the airports' automatic passport control.

Please note however, that you must not know either the user ID or personal PIN code that has been created by the person you are helping.

How to help others with MitID
This is how you help others with MitID - with a foreign passport/ID card