Get MitID with a passport

Get MitID from home with the MitID app and your passport as an alternative to a visit in a Citizen Service Centre. The passport must be Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese.

Help another person to get MitID

Help another person to get MitID

If you know a person who needs a little extra help to get MitID you can help the person from home - as an alternativ for the person to visit a Citizen Service Centre. The person you help must have a valid passport. You also need a phone that can scan the passport.

Your phone must be able to scan a chip.

So, make sure your phone is updated:

  • iPhone: control system must be minimum iOS 12
  • android: control system must be minimum version 7

Go to Settings in your phone to see the version of the control system.

If you want to use MitID code display or MitID audio code reader instead of MitID app, you can order one of them as soon as you have MitID with the app and your passport. 

How to order:

  1. Go to and log on to your MitID profile with the MitID app.
  2. Click on Authenticators.
  3. Click on Add Authenticator.

The MitID app kan validate your identity

Securty is high when you confirm your identity to get MitID. With MitID app your identity is validated by:

  • scanning your passport code and chip.
  • scanning your face to compare with the photo in your passport - just like passport control in airport security. 

No information from the passport is stored after the scannings. So no one can get access to your informations afterwards.

Privacy Notice - read more about how MitID process your personal data