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Get MitID app − with your passport/ID card

When you need to activate or reactivate a MitID app, you need to confirm who you are. In the MitID app, you can identify yourself by scanning your passport/international ID card and your face (to compare with your photo), directly in the app. It is an alternative for those who e.g. do not want to go to the Citizen Service Centre to get the MitID app.

Get the MitID app with your passport

If you would like to get the MitID app using your passport/international ID card, this is how you do it.

  1. Check your phone and passport
  2. Download MitID app and open app
  3. Scan passport code, read chip and scan face
  4. Activate MitID app

Video guide: How to get MitID app with passport (Danish, Greenlandic, Faroese) (English subtitles) (5:06)

Guide: How to get the MitID app with foreign passport/ID card

I want to reactivate my MitID app

If your MitID app has been e.g., temporarily blocked, you can see here how to reactivate the app using your passport/ID card. 

Help another person to get MitID

Do you have a relative who doesn't have MitID yet - and who has a valid passport/ID card? Then you can help the person get MitID.

Requirements for your phone

  • Your phone must be able to scan a chip
  • Make sure that your phone is updated. Read more about the technical requirements on


The MitID app can confirm who you are 

With MitID there are high requirements to confirm who you are when you get MitID. The MitID app can now help. The app can:  

  • scan the code and read the chip in the passport/international ID card
  • scan a face to compare it with the photo in the passport/ID card - just like the passport control at the airport.

Information from the passport/ID card is not stored anywhere. This means that no one can access it afterwards. 

MitID privacy policy - read more about how MitID handles your personal data