Activate app with activation code

Download MitID app to your phone or tablet, and activate the app with an activation code.

  1. Download MitID app to your phone or tablet
  2. Need an activation code? How to get it
  3. Open MitID app
  4. Click Activate app on the first page in the app
  5. Enter User-ID and activation code
  6. Click Next 
  7. Enter temporary PIN-code from SMS
  8. Enter personal PIN-code (6 digits) and click Next (if you have more MitID apps, you should use unique PIN-codes for earch app)
  9. Repeat your personal PIN-code and click Next
  10. Set up biometrix with fae recognition or fingerprints
  11. Click Edit notifications
    1. Click Agree if you want to get notifications 
    2. Click Don't agree if you don't want to get notifications. You can always change your settings on
      Read more about notifications in the MitiD app

MitID app is now activated and you can start using MitID app. How to use MitID app

Do you need an activaion code 

How to get an activation code - if you have MitID

Get MitiD and an activation code for the MitID app