MitID app

With MitID app you can swipe to approve on your mobile phone or your tablet. You are able to approve transactions using your online bank or check your tax status.

Mitid App

Good to know

With the MitID app, you can authenticate your identity with MitID on your smartphone or tablet. For example, if you need to transfer money to your online bank, view your tax information or shop online.

You can download the MitID app and get started with MitID right away.

Remember that:

  • The MitID app works on most smartphones with iOS or Android. If you use the NemID key app today, you can also use the MitID app.
    Click here to read more about the requirements of the MitID app for your smartphone.
  • You can have more users on the MitID app, which is convenient if ...
    • You use MitID at work.
    • You are several people in the same household who use the same tablet.
      Remember: You must never share your codes with each other. You must each have your MitID user ID and PIN code.
      Note: You cannot use fingerprints or face recognition if you have multiple users. Then you must each use your user ID and PIN code.
  • You can have up to 3 active MitID apps
    • You can use MitID on your private mobile phone, your work mobile phone, and your tablet.

Other authenticators

MitID code display

MitID code display

The MitID code display is a small electronic device that displays a one-time password code.

Enter the one-time password code, when you log on to confirm your MitID.

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MitID audio code reader

MitID audio code reader

MitID audio code reader is intended for people with impaired vision.

The MitID audio code reader will read the one-time password code out loud for you and display the code on the device’s screen. You are able to adjust language (English or Danish) and volume directly on the MitID audio code reader.

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MitID chip

MitID chip

MitID chip is for you who need to approve and log on with MitID many times every day, eg in connection with your work.

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