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Get activation code for MitID app

You can activate or reactivate a MitID app by entering an activation code along with your user ID. This applies to both the first, a new, or an additional MitID app. You can get an activation code at Citizen Service.

Get an activation code at a Cititzen Service Centre

You can get an activation code for MitID app at Citizen Service Centre. You must bring valid documentation to get an activation code. You must book an appointment at Citizen Service Centre, before you show.

Find Citizen Service Centre and book appointment
Bring valid documentation

If you have an activation code?

Go to the next step - Activate MitID app with activation code

MitID Business users who need an activation code

If your user is created without a CPR number, you need to activate it with an activation code. The user administrator will send this code to you.

If you have not received an activation code yet or have questions about it, please contact the user administrator in your organization.

Other ways to activate your MitID app

Instead of activating the MitID app with an activation code, you can activate or reactivate the MitID app by scanning your passport in the app.

If you already have a MitID app, you can copy it to a new phone or tablet by scanning a QR code from your existing MitID app. With this feature, you can easily and quickly activate a new MitID app when you get a new phone or tablet.