I forgot my user ID

If you forgot your user ID you can see your user ID by scanning your passport in the MitID app or log on with NemID. If you can't scan your passport or log on with NemID, you can visit a Citizen Service Centre and get your user ID here. If you need any help you can contact MitID support. Note, that MitID support can't give you your user ID, neither on the phone or in writing.

  1. Log on with NemID

  2. Se your user ID 

You can see your user ID in the MitID app. The MitID app will check if you already have MitID during the process. If you already have MitID you will se your user ID instead of creating a MitID.

  1. Top left in the app, click the icon for "Settings" to open the menu
  2. Click Create MitID in the menu
    Tip: If you can't click "Next" it is because your phone can't scan the passport. Instead you can borrow a phone that can scan your passport and the see your user ID.
  3. Click Get startet
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Next to accept MitID Terms and Conditions
  6. Click Next to confirm to have read the Privacy Notice
  7. Click Next
  8. Choose the country your passport is from
  9. Confirm your identity by scanning your passport and face
    Tip: See guide on how to scan your passport and face
  10. Click Next
    Tip: The text will tell you to create an user ID, but as you already have an user ID, your user ID will be displayed on the next page instead.
  11. See your User ID for MitID and cancel the process by closing the MitID app.

You can also get your user ID by visiting a Citizen Service Centre. You must confirm your identity by answaring some questions about yourself, based on your informations in the CPR-register. 

  • Book a time in advance
  • Bring valid ID

Find the nearest citizen service centre an make an appointment

More on what ID to bring


MitID support can't inform you your user ID. But they can help and guide you to find it using one of the options above.

Contact MitID support