Forgotten user ID

If you have forgotten your user ID, you can find it yourself by confirming your identity by e.g. scanning your passport/ID card in the MitID app or by logging on with NemID.

You can see your user ID in the MitID app. The MitID app will check if you already have MitID during the process. If you already have MitID you will se your user ID instead of creating a MitID.

  1. Press the icon in the top left corner to open the menu
  2. Press Get MitID using passport in the menu
  3. Press Get startet
  4. Press Next
  5. Press Next to accept MitID Terms and Conditions
  6. Press Next after the Privacy Policy
  7. Press Next
  8. Choose where your passport/ID card is from
  9. Confirm your identity by scanning your passport/ID card and face
    Tip: See guide on how to scan your passport and face
  10. Press Next
    Tip: The text will tell you to create an user ID, but as you already have an user ID, your user ID will be displayed on the next page instead
  11. See your user ID for MitID and cancel the process by closing the MitID app

A foreign passport/ID card and no Danish CPR number? 
Do you have a foreign passport/ID card – and do you not have a Danish CPR number? Then you need a P-code before you use the MitID app and your passport/ID card to reactivate your app.  

See how to get a P-code. You can use a P-code up to three times, so if you already have a P-code, you might be able to use it again. Follow the steps as described above.  

  1. Log on with NemID

  2. Se your user ID 

MitID support can inform you your user ID.

You must identify yourself on the phone. To do so, you must inform us your drivers license number or passport number (valid danish/greenlandic drivers license or passort) and then answar some questions based on your information in the danish CPR register. 

If you can't anwar enough questions MitID support woun't be able to inform you your user ID. Instead, you must show in person in a Citizen Servie Centre and get the code. 

Call MitID support at +45 33 98 00 10

Call us, don't write us
Note, that that you must call MitID support (not write) to get your user ID, as they need to ask you a number of question to validate your identity.

You can also get your user ID by visiting a Citizen Service Centre. You must confirm your identity by answaring some questions about yourself, based on your informations in the CPR-register. 

  • Book a time in advance
  • Bring valid ID

Find the nearest citizen service centre an make an appointment

More on what ID to bring


Have you entered your CPR number and get an error?  
Then you have tried to log on with your user ID for NemID. You must log on with your MitID user ID that you created when you got your MitID. 

I don't have MitID
Get started with MitID - get MitID here