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Forgotten user ID

If you have forgotten your user ID, you can find it yourself in the MitID app, or get help from the MitID Support or Citizen Services.

You can see your user ID in the MitID app.

  1. Press the menu at the top of the screen
  2. Press View user ID in the menu
  3. Select user. If more than one user is using the app, a list of users on the app is shown
  4. Intro page is shown
  5. Choose where your passport/ID card is from
  6. Confirm your identity by scanning your passport/ID card and face.
    Tip: See guide on how to scan your passport and face 
  7. View your user ID for MitID
  8. Do you want to change your user ID? Press Change user ID
  9. Enter your new user ID
  10. Press Save
  11. The user ID is validated, and a message is shown and telling if the user ID is not valid or if it is available.

Your new user ID is now in place, and you must use it the next time you log in or approve a transaction using MitID.

A foreign passport/ID card and no Danish CPR number? 

If you have forgotten your user ID and have a foreign passport or a passport without a Danish CPR number, you need to contact Citizen Service.

In order for MitID Support to provide your user ID, you need to identify yourself over the phone. You must provide either your passport or driver's license number (valid Danish or Greenlandic driver's license or passport) and then answer a series of questions based on your information in the CPR. If you cannot answer enough questions, MitID Support cannot provide your user ID, and you will need to visit Citizen Service in person to get your user ID.

Call MitID Support at +45 33 98 00 10

You need to call, not write to us
Please note that you can only get your user ID by calling the support. You cannot send a written request to the support to get your user ID.

You can also get your user ID by visiting Citizen Service. You must confirm your identity by answering some questions about yourself based on your information in the CPR. 

  • Make an appointment in advance
  • Bring valid identification

Find the nearest Citizen Service and make an appointment

What is valid identification?