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Living outside of Denmark

If you live outside Denmark, you can get MitID if you need access to self- service solutions in Denmark.

Get MitID with passport/international ID card

You can use your passport/international ID card and the MitID app to get MitID. The MitID app can read a chip in your passport/ID card and thereby confirm your identity. It is an alternative to get MitID at Citizen Service.  

Get MitID with your passport

Copy your MitID app to another phone/tablet

If you already have a MitID app, you can copy it to another phone or tablet by scanning a QR code from your existing MitID app. With this feature, you can easily and quickly activate a new MitID app, for instance, if you get a new phone or tablet.

Copy your MitID app

Have you lost your MitID?

Have you lost your MitID, e.g. because you have lost your phone with the MitID app? Then there are different options to get MitID again. For all options apply that you must reconfirm your identity, so no other person can pretend to be you and get MitID on your behalf. 

If you cannot get MitID by scanning your passport/ID card in the MitID app, you can visit Citizen Service in Denmark to get help.  

Read here which documents you need to bring – and that you also need to answer a number of questions about yourself/bring a witness 

Find Citizen Service and book an appointment

Read more about getting MitID with service and diploma passports

Get the MitID app or an alternative

To be a MitID user you need to have either the MitID app, MitID code display, MitID audio code reader or MitID chip. You can become a MitID user immediately, if you choose the MitID app. You cannot order MitID code display, audio code reader or chip until you start the process of getting MitID. We cannot guarantee the delivery time of MitID code display, the MitID audio code reader or the MitID chip.