MitID for business

If you have your own business or represent an association, then use your own private MitID to log on to the digital self-service solutions available on behalf of your business or association.

If you have your own business or have the power of attorney to sign of behalf of a business, you can use your own NemID. This solution is NemID Private for Business today and will be MitID Private for Business tomorrow.

MitID private for business

You can use MitID Private for Business in the same way you have used NemID Private for Business. For example, you log on and read your business’ digital mail, report VAT, pay bills or sign documents on behalf of your business. You don’t need to do anything extra to get MitID Private for Business. It happens automatically once you get your private MitID.

It is new for associations

If you represent an association, you are able to from Sommer of 2021 to use your private MitID as part of your work for the association. It applies to the following association types: volunteer-, normal-, cooperative- and special associations. As an association, you can register on representative in the CVR-register. Once this is done, the representative can automatically use his or hers own private MitID to act on behalf of the association.

If you require more than one representative to act on behalf of the association, then you need to use the NemID Employee Signature until the new business solution MitID Business is available in 2022.

MitID Business – the new business solution in 2022

If you have employees, who conduct transaction on behalf of your business, like purchasing goods or pay invoices, they will be able to use the same MitID app, MitID code display or MitID audio code reader on behalf of your business, as they use privately. This is conducted using the business solution MitID Business, which replaces NemID Employee Signature in 2022. The same same solution is available for associations.

NemID Employee Signature will continue until MitID Business is available in 2022. Details and timeline will be communicated in a targeted fashion to businesses, associations and authorities about availability in 2022.

MitID business

MitID business

MitID Business is user friendly, secure, and flexible, which makes it easier for business and associations to administer users, authenticators, certificates, roles and rights.

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