Advice about your password

The following section provides you with advice on how to create a safe and secure password.


Remember never to share your password with anyone else. Your password is private and has to remain so, if you want to stay secure.

MitID Only use your MitID password with MitID

You should never share passwords between websites. A password is unique and should be used only to provide specific access to one website, despite the common practice to share password between sites. If scammers are able to get your password from one website, they might use it to log on to other sites and pretend to be you.

Create a strong password

Your MitID password must contain at least 8 characters. To create a strong and secure password follow these steps:

  1. Choose a “strong” word that you can remember.
  2. Use each letter from the “strong” word as the first letter in a new word and put the new words together in a sentence in the order that spelled the “strong” word.
  3. End the sentence with a number.

Examples of strong words and passwords:

  • Strong word “BOARD” can create the password BingoOwlAnchorRainDoor5
  • Strong word “HOUSE” can create the password HintOwlUtilitySingerEnd7
  • Strong word “CAR” can create the password CalenderAnchorRailway1

Create your own “strong” word and password.

Don’t ever write your password anywhere

If you fear that you will forget your password, we recommend that you use a Password Manager to help you with managing your passwords.