Time-based One-Time Password

If you use a MitID code display or a MitID audio code reader, you will log on to MitID using time based one-time passwords.

Time based one-time passwords (TOTP) are passwords that only are active for a short period of time. They are considerable more secure that the code card, since it is more difficult to steal the codes and share them with other criminals before the expire.

Two authenticators used by MitID are using time based one-time passwords. You can read more about the here:

Time based one-time passwords in MitID

If you choose to use the MitID code display or the MitID audio code reader, you must activate the device before you can use it. You can active your device here: Activate your MitID authenticator

When you activate your MitID authenticator, it will be linked to your user ID. This makes you the only person, who can use the device who can log on to MitID.

If you enter the wrong password three times in a row, your authenticator will be suspended.

  • After your third attempt, your TOTP device will be suspended for a short time period.