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About MitID

MitID is your personal digital ID and is designed to help ensure that you can safely navigate the internet.

MitID is a digital ID that can be used for various purposes, including transferring money in online banking or logging into public self-service solutions like,, and MitID complies with the latest international security standards and is also modular and flexibly designed.

MitID is primarily an app where you can approve actions online with a swipe. There are alternatives available if you cannot or do not want to use the MitID app, such as the MitID code display, MitID code reader, and MitID chip. MitID is free to obtain and use.

The age limit to get MitID is 13 years. However, there may be a higher age limit to use individual self-service solutions, which is determined by the providers of those solutions.

It is not a requirement to have MitID.

How you use MitID

Background material about MitID - in danish (PDF)

Take care of your personal MitID

With the MitID name and logo, we aim to convey that MitID is your own personal digital ID. So, even though MitID complies with the latest security standards, you still have a responsibility to take care of your personal MitID. Therefore, never share your codes or user ID with others, and only approve actions with MitID that you initiated yourself.

Read more - MitID security in generel

MitID - developed and owned by the public sector and financial institutions

MitID is the result of a well-established and unique collaboration between the public sector and the country's financial institutions. This collaboration has been driven by a strong desire to create a single solution that you, as a user, can use across public and private self-service solutions - whether you need to log in to,, or transfer money in online banking, for example.

The MitID partnership consists of the Agency for Digitisation, representing the state, the Danish regions, and municipalities, and the country's financial institutions, represented by their industry organization, Finance Denmark. It is the MitID partnership that is the sole owner of MitID.