About MitID

Throughout 2021 and 2022 all NemID users will migrate to MitID: Denmark’s new digital ID. You can use MitID for the same task you have used NemID.

Digital solutions are renewed or replaced over time. That happens because of security requirements and new technology. MitID satisfy the newest requirements for security, so we also in the future can use the internet with confidence.

MitID is your digital ID that you will use to access the public self-service solutions. You will use the same log on whether you log on to your online bank or to do your taxes on skat.dk.

MitID is primarily an app

If you are in the habit of using the NemID app, you will not experience a significant difference. Once you have created your MitID, you can choose the new MitID app and use it in much the same way you are use to from the NemID app. The code card is discontinued because it is too easy to copy and abuse. If you cannot use the MitID app, you have alternatives. See alternatives here.

Protect your MitID

Even if MitID is as secure as the newest standards require, you still need to protect your personal MitID. Read more about MitID security here.

MitID is envisioned and developed by the Danish Authority for Digitisation and Finans Danmark – an organisation representing Danish banks.

Background material about MitID - in danish (pdf)

You can use MitID here

MitID will not be available to all Danes at once. It will be made available in gradually. You can follows what you can use MitID fore and when you still need to use NemID here at MitID.dk. Read about where you can use MitID here.