About MitID

NemID has been our key to digital Denmark. Now it is being replaced with a completely new solution: MitID.

About MitID

MitID is a secure and user-friendly digital ID. You use the same login, regardless of whether you want to use your online bank, see your information on borger.dk, download your annual statement from Skat.dk or shop online.

MitID is a flexible and well-thought-out solution. It will be easy to further develop MitID to match a life where technology plays a greater role.

Most of us are already familiar with the NemID app - all we need to do is to download the new MitID app and use it in the same way. But the key card disappears. That is an important difference. It is still important that you never share codes or your user ID for MitID with others. Your MitID is just as important as your passport.

MitID is mine - and only mine

MitID can do more than NemID. MitID is about my life, my options and choices. MitID is mine and no one else's.