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Step 1 – Check your phone, your passport/ID card – and check if you need a P-code

Your phone must be able to scan a chip. Make sure that your phone is updated. Read more about the technical requirements on

If you don't have a phone that can scan your passport/ID card, maybe you have a relative who does? See how to get help from someone you know.

Alternatively, you can get help at a Citizen Service Centre

This guide is for foreign passports/international ID cards. Check that the expiry date of your passport/ID card has not been exceeded. 

Your passport/ID card must have this symbol. This means that there is a hidden chip in your passport/ID card, and that the chip can be read by the MitID app – and thereby confirm your identity.  

NFC icon

In addition, check on this list whether your passport/ID card meets the requirements.

If you do not have a Danish CPR number, you must get a P-code. It is an 8-digit code that you must use in order to confirm your identity using a foreign passport/ID card. 

You must enter the P-code in the MitID app in the step before confirming your identity with your passport/ID card. It is therefore a good idea to get hold of the P-code in advance. 

If you have a Danish CPR number, you do NOT need a P-code.