13 to 14 years old

It is possible to get MitID when you turn 13 years old. It is an offer to individuals who need access to self-service solutions, such as online bank or taxes in connection with a part time job or the like. 

You shold be aware that the age limit of 13 is only for getting MitID. Access to self-service solutions is determined by the individual service. There are services 13-14 years old can’t access even with a MitID. You can find access information at the individual services. 

How to get it 

If your child has turned 13 years old, and you want MitID, you must visit your citizen service centre to get it. To qualify for MitID, you must document your identity to avoid identity theft. Be aware that you need to book a time for your visit at your citizen service centre. 

Read more about what documentation to bring to the citizen service centre 

Find your local citizen service centre and book a time 

15 years old 

When you turn 15 years old, you will receive a letter from the state. The letter will inform you that you need Digital Post and MitID. Read more here: MitID for 15-year-olds