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Activate your MitID chip

You can activate your MitID chip in three ways:

  • Activate the chip by logging into with an active MitID app, code display or audio code reader.
  • Activate the chip by scanning your passport/ID card in the MitID app.
  • Activate the chip with an activation code you receive at Borgerservice.

Activation consists of two steps. For security reasons, there is a 24 hour waiting time
between steps.

Step A: Get access to enable chip activation

1. Log on to
2. Find the box 'Authenticators'. Press See.
3. Find 'Add authenticator' at the bottom of the page. Press Add.
4. Press Request Access and log off.

Wait for 24 hours - you will be notified when you gain access.

Step B: Activate chip

1. Log on to with MitID. Press See under 'Authenticators'.
2. Find the box 'Add authenticator'. Press Add.
3. Press Select under 'MitID chip' on the page 'Select MitID authenticator'.
4. Press Start on the page 'Connect your MitID chip'.
5. Connect the chip to your computer with the included cable, and push the
button on the chip.
6. When you reach the page 'Connect again and approve', press Start.

You can activate your MitID chip with your passport/ID card if you have:

Get an activation code for the chip by scanning a passport in the MitID app

  1. Download MitID from the App Store or Google Play, if you do not have it.
  2. Open the app; access the menu at the top of the screen. Press Activate MitID.
  3. Select Passport/ID card – and follow the steps to scan the passport and
    receive the activation code.
  4. Remember to write down the activation code when you receive it.

You will be sent to to finish the activation. Code is active for 30 min.

Need help scanning your passport? Read more:

You can get an activation code for your MitID chip at Citizen Service. You must bring valid documentation to get an activation code. You must book an appointment at Citizen Service before you show.

Find Citizen Service and book an appointment
Bring valid documentation

When you have received your activation code

Activate your MitID chip with an activation code

How to use the MitID chip

When you need to aprove with your MitID chip, start by entering your user ID and access code. Then, connect the chip to your computer, tablet, or phone using the provided USB cable. Press the button on the chip, and you've completed the MitID authentication. Read more about the MitID chip